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What’s Amigurumi and Why You’re Going to Love It

by Natali aka Crochettiky

Amigurumi is a popular type of crochet. The word is a compound of two Japanese terms: ami, which means crocheted or knitted; and nuigurumi, a stuffed doll. It often takes the form of an animal or fantastical creature with an aesthetic that’s best described as kawaii or cute. This makes amigurumi ideal for kids or anyone that likes button noses and rosy cheeks.


The art of Amigurumi captures everyone’s attention and adoration with its intricate designs, cute shapes, and bright colours. Toys may vary in sizes and colours. There are no restrictions regarding the shape, dimension, and appearance. 

Most amigurumi are crocheted, but you can knit them. The reason it is more of a crochet trend is simply because of the fabric each craft makes. Knitting creates a stretchy fabric, where as crochet results in a dense, thick fabric that is a little more obviously suited to 3D work. There is no set crochet hook size, yarn type, or stitch for amigurumi which is one of the reasons it elicits such creativity and freedom for crocheters.

Either way, you start with a small ring of stitches (an adjustable or magic circle for crocheters). From there, a series of increases and decreases creates the shapes of your new friend. Amigurumi patterns can certainly look complicated, but most projects require you to know only one stitch, and how to increase and decrease that stitch. Your friend will likely be small, so the project can be made with little monetary investment.

There are three types of yarns that are best suited for Amigurumi:

  • Mercerized cotton and/or 100% cotton yarn
  • Semi-cotton blend yarn
  • Acrylic yarn

Pure cotton yarns go well with Amigurumi because they can be tightly knitted.

Semi-cotton blends are light in weight. They may be the best option for crocheting Amigurumi since the stitches do not pull out easily. Maybe the most attractive feature of semi-cotton blends are that projects made using this type of yarn can be machine-washed.

Acrylic yarns are one of the least expensive yarns available in the market, however, they are rough and fibrous which makes crochet work less suitable. The stitches pull out relatively easy if they are not stitched tight enough.

But in fact you can use any yarn. Experienced crocheters create very realistic and cute creatures made of chenille, wool, mohair and different type of polyester fluffy yarn.

Whether you are knitting or crocheting, and whichever yarn you are using these little creatures and figures are fun to play with for kids from 0 to 99 years old 🙂

Are you ready to start your own amigurumi project?  If yes, please check some easy amigurumi patterns we have on our website:

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