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Are you a Western Australian artist, looking for a prime High St location to exhibit your work?

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“To be an artist is to believe in life.”

Henry Moore

Be part of The Artisan Store Fremantle!

The Artisan Store Fremantle was created as a permanent gallery to support and promote local artisans.

A contemporary, curated retail gallery, we provide the store, the service, the support and the campaign for you to present and sell your work through a shared retail space in the arts centre of Fremantle and returning 100% of your profit.

Read on for more information, or call on (08)  9336 1338 or email at


For the Artists, 81a High Street rear perspective

The Artisan Store Fremantle

Are you looking for a quality space to present your work among a collection of curated artists?

Do you want to control the retail value of your works?

Do you want to receive the full retail value on your sales?

Is The Artisan Store Fremantle right for you?


Why Fremantle

The Artisan Store Fremantle is part of a West End revolution in Fremantle, and because of businesses like TASF foot traffic in the West End has grown to over 1.5 million people per year!

TASF is part of a funding network to install a professional people counter in High Street and as a result we can accurately rate footfall every hour of the year and see how it changes.

81a High Street Fremantle has seen a massive 5% year-on-year growth in foot traffic from 1,445,774 persons in 2014 to 1,523,414 in 2015! That’s an average of nearly 30,000 going past per week!

TASF is part of a local movement to increase foot traffic and activity in the West End so you – the Artist – have more chance at exposure!

People counters provided by A Beautiful City, Perth

What you can sell?

Just about any premium quality artisan work.


For the Artists, 81a high Street side perspectiveGallery spaces

This is not your typical rent a shelf handmade market store, The Artisan Store Fremantle is a curated art gallery where we don’t charge commission but we do need to impose an administration & service charge per week based on the size of your space.

  • Choose a space suitable for your work.
  • Some spaces are flexible and can be joined to make a larger space. If you lease more than 1 (one) space you will receive a 15% discount on the second space.
  • Discount % for bottom shelf position = 50% (excluding glass shelves & cubes)
  • Discount % for 2nd bottom shelf position = 30%  (excluding glass shelves & cubes)
  • Discount % for low shelf of glass cubes =  30%.
  • Clothes Rail space can be doubled, ie second clothes rail added at mid height at no extra cost.
  • Prices are inclusive of GST
Cube Shelf Glass Lockable380mm W x 380mm D 380mm H$35.00 per week
Cube Shelf Glass380mm W x 380mm D 380mm H$35.00 per week
Plinth large (window display high)770mm W x 390mm D x (with optional storage insert under)$65.00 per week
Plinth small (window display low)490mm W x 390mm D x (with optional storage insert under)$40.00 per week
Plinth large (internal display high)770mm W x 390mm D x (with optional storage insert under)$60.00 per week
Plinth small (internal display low)490mm W x 390mm D x (with optional storage insert under)$35.00 per week
Shelf small335mm W x 390mm D x 335mm H$25.00 per week
Shelf medium500mm W x 384mm D x 500mm H$35.00 per week
Shelf large750mm W x 350mm D x 462mm H$50.00 per week
Shelf grand750mm W x 580mm D x 435mm H$80.00 per week
Pull out glass fronted drawer (suitable for textiles or small objects)750mm W x 580mm D x 160mm H$35.00 per week
Pull out tray [suitable for jewellery (insert can be provided) or small objects, parchments] 750mm W x 580mm D x 35mm H$25.00 per week + $4.00 per week insert
Hanging Clothes Rail (double rail can be provided, height can be negotiated)750mm Long x 1100mm high$80.00 per week
Picture Rail – Wall Space2m lineal length$35.00 per week
Glass Display at Sales Counter500mm W x 380mm D x 160mm H$35.00 per week
Web Site Promotion Only $5.00 per week

For the Artists download information packThe Upside

Quality Items – Curated Gallery Store Promotions, Feature Artist Events, On-line and Print Advertising, Social media We Offer the Best Customer Service Great Tools to Analyse Your Efforts; Make Better Business Decisions We will not charge a commission on your sales. Weekly sales reports. Alternatively for an additional $6.00 per month you can have access to an on-line dashboard that will bring you live data on your sales.

For the Artists, online application formSubmit an Application

An application form is available (either online or as a download document). On acceptance we will issue you with a lease agreement and finalise selection and location of space subject to availability. Payments are made by direct bank transfers on the 1st of the month.

So what are you waiting for…… Desperate to know more Download the Information Pack here Are you Excited about this opportunity? Can’t wait to fill in an application? Yes click here