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About us

Searching for a platform for my jewellery

The journey began in 2014

I went in search of a suitable market place to sell my jewellery. I researched and tried many online platforms, local galleries and retail businesses but couldn’t find the right fit for me. I wanted the person selling my work to care about my work and the customer purchasing it as much as I did.

The Artisan Store Fremantle shop front
A perfect fit for me

The gallery emerged

The Artisan Store Fremantle emerged from that search. If I couldn’t find a suitable platform to sell my work, then I would create and build that platform. I considered lots of different models for the business but in the end the rent-a-shelf won thru, this seemed like the fairest system for all. It created an opening for all local artists to sell their work and receive in return a 100% of their sales, no matter how individually skilled they were at promoting themselves. What emerged was a wonderful unique and diverse collection of WA talent in one space 

Support for local artists

What we stand for

The Artisan Store Fremantle celebrates, supports and nurtures the talent and diversity of Western Australia’s leading artists. We want to share their stories, artistry and vision of the world with everyone. When you walk through our doors you will discover an amazing and diverse curated gallery offering artists a unique opportunity to sell their work and in return offering shoppers. an exceptional experience to relish in and support our remarkable local talent

The ARtisan Store Fremantle

Our incredible team are here for you

Rowena Mitchell

the founder and the owner of The Artisan Store Fremantle
Rowena has worked for many years at an executive level within the Architectural Industry in Perth. Her career spans design, technical drawing and drafting, project management, interior design and architectural consulting. The world and influences of art, culture and design have been a constant companion and inspiration and have informed her work both in the architectural world and in her work now as a silversmith/jewellery artist and gemologist. A passionate collector of jewellery for over 30 years, that started in her youth as a silver charm bracelet gifted from her Grandmother. In 2008 Rowena commenced formal training and study in jewellery making at Challenger Tafe. Then completing a Diploma in Gemology in 2014. Rowena is constantly developing her knowledge and technical skills and honing existing skills that has enabled her to establish her own jewellery studio REM jewellery. She now divides her time between the jewellery bench and looking after The Artisan Store.
Nicola Bessell-Browne

Nicola Bessell-Browne

Trained as a Graphic Designer at W.A.I.T. now Curtain University, Nicola worked for 20 years as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Screen Printer and Photographer out of a studio in Pakenham Street Fremantle. Subsequently she has worked as a Chef, and in the Film Industry, and as a Classroom Primary School Teacher. Has spent the last ten years in Retail, whilst dabbling in Icon Writing, Jewellery Making, Printmaking and Oil and Watercolour Painting. Currently, Nicola is committed to promoting local artists and their work. Also Nicola speaks Modern Greek Language.

Natali Bozhanova

Natali is our social media maker and photographer. Natali is a textile artist of Crochettiky. She is an amigurumi fairy and can create almost everything using yarn and hook. Natali believes that every toy has its own character, likes to play with her creations and take photos of them.

Who is in today?

There’s TASF team schedule if you’re interested who will be in store when you come in this week.