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Rachel Bell

Jewellery making began in an effort to combat my dysthymia and chronic anxiety disorder. Stumbling on wire wrapping by chance, a love for it quickly developed. Wire wrapping keeps my hands busy which keeps my mind busy – alleviating any anxiety or negative thoughts and bringing me a sense of calm which I cannot otherwise achieve.

Deciding to try my local markets meant the hunt for a name began. Knowing that I was going to be fully on display I decided that if I was to be judged, then so would my anxiety disorder – hence the “Black Dog” part of the name.

After a very turbulent end to 2018 in which my anxiety peaked at an all-time high, I decided that I wanted to be happy, with myself and my life. So in January of 2019 I became self-employed and Quirky Black Dog became a business and one of my two official jobs – the other is working alongside my father in his sail repair business. Jumping in with both feet has been utterly terrifying and yet at the same time utterly exhilarating, a wonderful new chapter of my life.

Many of my pendants are an original and unique design – I cherish originality over quantity. I happily take requests to use a particular stone to create a custom piece for you or a loved one.

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