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Jo Barrie

Yarns have enriched my life.  Knitting is a tactile art form, bringing together stories that are passed on through quality adornments created from natural fibres.  Memories form an important part of our identity so Remember Me is a message I like to pass on for others to use and enjoy. I particularly like creating softly textured pieces for babies and young children. 
As a sole operator, I personalise each item and maintain control over quality and individual embellishments.  My “studio” is portable so can travel with me wherever I choose to be in the world. 
I have no formal art training. but education has been my profession with teaching and learning an integral and ongoing part of my daily life.  Interest in the world of art,  drama and music was fostered by my mother and the art career of a sister. As a gallery owner and operator, I have had pleasure in the contact with many artists and their work.  The natural world has been an inspiration that I hope finds expression in my creations. My current project is a collection of adornments inspired by the ocean and shores of local and south coast beaches. 

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