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Christine LeFaucheur

Christine is a ‘visual artist’ living in Perth, Western Australia.

Growing up in Brisbane, Queensland where the bright colours of the semi-tropics were an early influence.

Her career took me in different directions in the medical field – but my parallel love was always art.

Christine paints in oils, gouache, and acrylics. She has attended short numerous courses and workshops as well as Charles Sturt University summer school for 3 years.

She has exhibited widely including 3 solo exhibitions

Her paintings are of many varied themes – a love of observing people, capturing those magic fleeting moments are my inspirations.

Our lives are full of instant things – images, design, fashions mass produced and fleeting.

To own original pieces and to know their origins, for me, brings lasting pleasure. I have a deep respect for fine art and work that stands the test of time.


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