Andrew Taylor

Ebb in Time – The art of Andrew R Taylor

From a secluded studio set high on a leafy granite ridge in the Perth hill comes the world of ‘Ebb in Time’.

Andrew Taylor, a well establish WA sculptor and visual story teller, brings to life a tender world of whimsical characters through a series of striking drawings and situational sculptures.

With the help of his son Lucan, original drawings are skilfully translated into gentle, highly detailed Giclée prints capturing all of the volume and wit of the original.

“My work is driven by emotion and interplay, simple characters that playfully inhabit a slightly skewed world.

“I take inspiration from literary characters such as Don Quixote and Hamlet set within a contemporary context.

“The works capture intimate glimpses, providing the viewer an opportunity to discover and imagine through reflection of their own life experience.’

The drawing begins the sculptural process providing scale, composition and an idea of general aesthetic. From a 1:1 scale drawing, measurements are taken as a guide to the completed sculpture. A gallery of completed sculptures can be seen on the Ebb in Time website                          

Regular posts of current projects can be seen on Andrew’s Facebook page


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