Timber care

20th September 2018

For all timber lovers and those to be craftsman Bob Mackie from Arid Timber Art tells tips on caring timber art products.
Timber lives, it moves, it grows bigger when humidity is high and gets smaller when the atmosphere is dry.
Timber is warm and ageless. Each piece has its own grain structure, figure and colours, giving it own unique character.
Just like us humans, timber thrives on care, loving touch and good food. It ages with grace, allowing its beauty to mature with depth and richness of colour.
In appreciation of this magnificent medium all products crafted by Arid Timber Art are finished with natural waxes, shellac and food grade orange oil which is  absorbed into the timber to provide nourishment and allows the grain, texture and colour to emanate.
The more timber products are used and nourished the better they will look. Feel relaxed when they endure a knock or two. The dents and scratches develop the items character and can easily be blended out. Should an item look dry and feel a little rough to touch, this is the grain rising up and calling for food. A little rub with a fine grade sandpaper (600 grit) and then apply oil or wax will rejuvenate.
By caring for your items in this way will ensure your piece will give you pleasure for your lifetime and for the lifetime of generations following.
Platters, Bowls Breadboards etc. by Arid Timber Art.
These items are finished with several applications of Orange Oil, which is a food grade safe oil. This is used in preference to any nut based oil to avoid any sensitivity to allergies.
The oil is liberally wiped over the surface. Once the oil has soaked into the timber, the surface is polished with a soft cloth or paper towel. Use a moist cloth to clean the item. A regular application of orange oil will keep the items well fed and looking beatiful.
On photos:
▪️Pepper grinders by Arid Timber Art. They are finished with several coats of different waxes and shellac. The wax is applied using friction, causing it to heat up and therefore is absorbed deep into the timber. A final coat of a blend of wax and shellac is applied providing a sensual feel.  During use, the shine may dull over time. A wipe with a moist cloth will remove any build up of grime. An occasional application of wax will keep the grinder well fed and happy.
▪️Famous style wine barrel & holder bar table and stools by Lark and Owl. 
▪️Range of timber boxes by Graeme Jeffs.
▪️Cheese knives by Mark Dutton.