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The ARtisan Store Fremantle

Virgin Inflight Magazine – Top 3 Hotspots

The Artisan Store Fremantle has been listed in the October edition of the Voyeur Virgin Inflight Magazine as one of he three top hotspots for shopping in Fremantle.  

Work of Art

THE ARTISAN STORE FREMANTLETHE featured artists this month at The Artisan Store Fremantle create wearable upcycled assemblage sculpture, taking art off the walls and providing us with unique items to drapearound our necks and display on our fingers. Upcycled assemblage sculpture is the art of transforming and creating works of art utilizing materials otherwise destined for the […]

Scoop Homes & Art Magazine

Eight of the artists from The Artisan Store Fremantle are featured in the Autumn/Winter 2016 edition of the magazine Anita Angel, ‪Steve Baggott‬  Jill Bryant ArtistStephen Delaney Demi McleodRita Said ArtistJennifer Sulaj Artist & Designs Scruff and Cockrobin   Check out the page here