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Yvonne Kitchener

My Ceramic work has been largely influenced by my love of the Ocean.  I have been lucky to live near the sea where the changing beauty, colour and symmetry has creatively inspired my work.  The oceans many features have in various ways been incorporated into my designs. 

I have been a part time potter for 30 years and full time for the last five years. During my working life I have worked with children, as a Lecturer at TAFE (WA) in Early Childhood Studies for 12 years. I also taught as an Early Childhood teacher in Primary Schools (for 13 years).  As a full time Ceramic Potter I love the freedom to explore this wonderful medium, each of my pieces are unique and not replicated.

I make functional and sculptural ceramics in Porcelain and Stoneware, by throwing or hand building.   I like to decorate with original hand-painted designs with Under-glazes, coloured slips, carving, piercing, or simply allowing the form to be the main focus.  I have recently returned from an inspiring trip to Japan where the Raku ceramics is particularly famous.

I have a new electric kiln in the back-yard and fire my own pieces. My favourite method of firing is the Raku method.  These firings produce the wonderful crackle glaze decoration which gives the piece an antique quality. I also run children’s vacation classes in my Fremantle studio.  Ideally I hope to entice viewers to want to touch and explore my pieces.  I hope people will enjoy using them and value their aesthetic appeal.

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