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Tracy Robinson

Tracy Robinson is an artist based in Fremantle Western Australia. Art has always been a big part of her life since growing up in South Africa.

Her family has always had a strong influence and encouraged artistic pursuits. She won a scholarship to Applecross High School, where she completed the Special Art programme and had a variety of opportunities to experience many different Art forms.

Tracy’s work is inspired by nature, and she likes to call it “Imaginary Botanicals.” She is always amazed by the shape and colours presented in nature. However, she does not wish to be confined by a realistic palette or pattern and instead likes to explore shape and colour wherever it leads her. Her work is like someone has grabbed a giant paintbrush and brightened up the entire world. She is interested in exploring positive and negative space and her art is very vibrant and striking.

At present Tracy is enjoying exploring Australian Native Plants in her own unique way without being true to Botanical artworks. Through her Art, she expresses herself and brings joy to the simple things in life primarily flowers and plants. Bright colours are a massive component of her work, and her aim is to bring the energy and vibrancy of her work into the collector’s world.

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