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Ted Ellyard in memory of

Ted took up metal craft and jewellery making about 15 years ago after retiring as a full time geologist and company manager. Ted enjoyed making jewellery in a small workshop at his home and used the craft as a way to relax and escape the pressures of global market downturns and working in the resources industry.Most of his metal craft techniques were learnt from weekend courses at TAFE. Ted’s wife, Leng, studied fashion design in Perth, and provided much inspiration and advice in the jewellery design stage.Rings were Ted’s favourite jewellery item to make. “It all starts with the ring.” He also enjoyed working with contrasting metals, using silver and 18 ct gold and even rusty Iron. And as a geologist, he also worked with all types of precious gemstones.Sadly, Ted passed away on the 31st March 2019. His jewellery is a tribute to his skill and love for the craft. His beautiful pieces will continue to be appreciated and worn for a long time to come by those who were lucky enough to have purchased his work

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