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Susanne Greig

My love of textiles started when I was about 9 when my grandmother taught me how to knit and I knitted a full wardrobe of clothes for my doll.

I progressed to making my own clothes in my early teens, then on leaving school I attended Technical College in Sydney and studied fashion design and pattern making.

I worked in the fashion industry, initially in childrens’ wear, (in the days of fine satin piping and lace trims) then in evening and bridal wear. This was all wonderful training, requiring a keen eye for detail.

I started weaving after we moved to Port Hedland with a toddler and a new born and I needed something for myself. My new neighbour was a weaver and I was mesmerised by what she was producing and just had to learn.

A few years later we moved to America and lived in the heart of weaving country which certainly expanded my love of playing with colour and texture in yarn and the ability to make my own cloth.

On our return to Perth I did the Certificate of Weaving course at TAFE and I now teach the newcomers at the Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild of WA.

I particularly like to make items for others to use and enjoy, or which are a little bit unusual and quirky (such as my Dammit dolls).

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