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Stuart Penny

Stuart grew up in South Africa and Australia, learned his craft in Perth, London and Rome, before returning to Fremantle in 1987.

After winning the Broome Shinju Matsuri Pearl Jewellery Design competition in 1988, with “The Medusa”, (a collaborative master-work by Stuart Penny and his former partner G. Galati ), it seemed logical to follow the ancient Greek myth “…. and from the blood of the Medusa’s severed head, sprang the winged horse Pegasus….”

So started Pegasus Jewellery Designs in 1989.

Working for the jewellery industry as a specialist wax modeller, he has created collections for clients in London, Rome, Bordeaux, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, San Diego and for the local Australian market.

With 30 years experience in the design and creation of jewels, Stuart specializes in creating unique, hand made pieces, tailored to the clients’ specifications.

Stuart’s own designs/works feature pearls, diamonds, and other precious and semi- precious gems, as well as archaeological found objects, set in gold and silver. They are detailed, well crafted, sometimes whimsical and often reflect his interests and inspirations derived from the timeless, the ancient patterns, textures and the forces of nature found in the Australian landscape.

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