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Sofie Seyah

The ocean is my life. It always has been. I’ve been in and around water for as long as I remember. I’ve spent years as a marine scientist but I’m also an illustrator. My passion for the ocean encompasses science and art – bringing to life the colourful characters that I’ve met beneath the surface.

In early 2015 we welcomed my hilarious, crazy little water baby  into the world. Motherhood has surprised me in so many ways. One of its gifts has been being able to take time out from work to delve into my own creative (head)space. This has also given me the confidence to share my artwork with the world.

I like to capture the things that interest and inspire me in my own little way. I usually start with an image (photos, books or the good old internet) or object (such as my collection of shells) and work from there. I generally have a concept in my mind of what I want to produce but it always evolves and never turns out quite how I imagine. I tend to work with Pigma ink pens, pigment ink, watercolour and graphite pencil.

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