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Scruff and Cockrobin

Sue Jarrad and Lee Cullen are “Scruff and Cockrobin”

Both of these extremely creative Artists have spent much of their spare time hunting and collecting, what some may consider to be ‘junk’ or as Sue and Lee call it, pre-loved or used items that they, in turn, love developing into an Artform.

They knew they wanted to develop their talents, as they did not want to just ‘make’ things to have them become ‘dust collectors’ sitting in a shed as such.

They would collect bits and pieces of everything and anything (often from various council verge collections), odds and ends, bits of old or broken machinery, old tins big and small etc, many types of lids, containers, material, buttons, nuts n bolts, wire, the list is endless……… Once collected, they then would passionately begin to design and create some Art together.

Sue and Lee are sisters who are generally very busy with family life, and life in general, whilst creating their Art together along the way.

They were invited by a friend of Lee’s, herself a talented Artist, to attend an Art Exhibition in Port Lincoln, South Australia in 2013, for the very first time. Here, their very unique and creative design concept, they call “OOMI’S” was born!

Lee and Sue both design and create their Oomi’s in the spare rooms in their homes.

Each Oomi created has a tag placed on it with its name, then has it’s photo taken for their records and for authenticity. 

Lee and Sue also write little stories or notes about the naming process of their Oomi’s, as the names chosen for each Oomi come from people that they are reminded of in their lives, and/or characters they know of too, therefore each name has a personal meaning to them.

Lee and Sue love using many recyclable parts with their Oomi’s. They use wire, nuts, bolts and pop rivets to join and stand their Oomi’s.  As mentioned, they continue to pick up most of the recyclable parts that they know will work for them, or that they would simply like to use in their creations, from council verge collections. They know then that they are accessing 100% recyclable parts.

Each Oomi is 100% unique, and other than the technical aspect of the joining and standing of the Oomi’s, you are guaranteed a completely stand alone, one of a kind…….. No two are ever the same……. OOMI……

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