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Reineke Muller

I am a Precious Metal Clay Artist born and raised in The Netherlands but now based in Perth.
In 1998 my husband and I left the Netherlands to start an international career. Our first posting actually was here in Perth. As a child I was quite creative but never pursued this, however, moving abroad gave me the opportunity to explore my creative side and I love it.

Since 2006 I have been making modern silver jewellery from Precious Metal Clay. I often make silver pendants and earrings that have a different front and back and can be worn on
both sides.
I also like to add glass or UV-resin to some of my jewellery pieces. My creations often change during the process of making them because that’s when the creativity kicks in.

Having lived in The Netherlands, Australia, USA, U.A.E., Singapore and Russia, and having my training/education in these countries this has had a definite influence on my style and you see that back in my designs.

I also enjoy making sterling silver Byzantine chainmaille jewellery. This type of jewellery has been proven to be very popular due to it’s versatility.

In Russia I started making bronze sculptures, of which I have sold a few, and I have recently picked up painting again. However, jewellery making is still my main focus.

In September 2019 we moved back to Perth, and besides making jewellery I also offer introduction PMC jewellery workshops on location. If you would like to host a PMC jewellery workshop at your house for some friends or family, please contact me via email on You can find more details on my website.

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