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Olga Kolt

Olga Kolt is a Belarusian born artist living in Perth.

Education: Belarusian Lyceum of Arts, Belarusian State Academy of Arts.
Exhibiting her paintings in WA and oversees. Running a small businesses? art classes: OK Arts School.


Artist’s statement:

At the age of 11 my mum sent me to a boarding school in the hopes of my becoming an artist one day. That was 30 years ago, since then my life has always revolved around painting and drawing.

Working on my art I have  never tried  to develop a “special” recognizable style .Being classically trained for over 10 years it would be a waste of time and unbelievably boring to me. Instead of that I am constantly experimenting and growing.

My paintings are another window on your wall . Yes, this is my target I am working on my paintings until I can literally “see” the new world in it…. to the point when I can imagine that I am inside the painting and it’s doesn’t matter what technique I am working with.

Ordinary subject matter, at unusual visual angles, colour , light ,composition, movement are all important to me . For people to look at my paintings and say “…Yes ,she can draw ” is matters. but the most important of all is beauty. This is , I believe,  artists are here – to transform something ordinary into something beautiful , to make people smile ,to make them feel better .

My paintings are my “children “I love them all . And if i am not proud of what i see I will work on it until I like it.

I am definitely one of those people who will tell you that everything is Art … if you look at it long enough ….


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