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Nicole Mottram

I started folding origami when I was 11 years old, after reading the story of Sasaki Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. This is where my obsession with Japan’s culture and tradition began! I have folded pretty much everyday since and have had the privilege of seeing Sadako san’s cranes first hand.
My pieces are about flow and movement, and are made using beautiful, traditional Japanese paper. Japanese yuzen washi paper, also known as chiyogami, is made using traditional paper making and printing techniques. Chiyogami is a combination of the words chiyo (one thousand generations) and kami (paper). Originally the designs were applied to handmade kozo paper with wood blocks, but today most yuzen washi paper is produced with silkscreen techniques. Each colour is applied separately in multiple layers.
I mainly fold cranes and butterflies, hand-cutting each paper to size. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, dreams and freedom, while cranes symbolize peace, hope and wishes.

Peace and hope.

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