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Natali Bozhanova

Natali, a passionate local diver, freediver, and photographer, immerses herself in the captivating beauty of wildlife, native plants, and the mesmerizing underwater world. Since her move to Australia in 2015, she has been spellbound by the ocean and its magnificent inhabitants, forging an inseparable bond from the moment she laid eyes on it. With an insatiable curiosity and a profound appreciation for marine life, Natali dedicates the majority of her free time to exploring the depths beneath the surface.

Her work is a testament to her unwavering adoration for the enchanting creatures that grace the coastal waters of Western Australia. Through her lens, Natali captures the essence and allure of these adorable beings, offering a unique glimpse into their world and inviting viewers to share in her deep connection with the marine ecosystem. Her photographs tell stories of vibrant coral reefs, elusive marine species, and the delicate balance of life that thrives beneath the waves.

Through her photographs, she not only captures moments frozen in time but also conveys the emotions, mysteries, and hidden stories that lie beneath the surface.

Natali invites you to join her in exploring the awe-inspiring underwater world, embracing the harmony between nature, art, and the human spirit.

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