Kim Gillespie

I am a professionally trained potter, having completed the 3 year Diploma of Studio Ceramics at Central TAFE in the mid 1990s. I have also completed a Visual Arts degree, majoring in print-making, and I am a fully qualified Visual Arts teacher.  As well as my own ceramics studio practice I currently teach and co-ordinate pottery classes at Perth Studio Potters in Cottesloe, where I also work as the technician, firing all student work, making glazes, and so on.

I have been making pottery for more than 20 years and my work generally reflects my love of the more traditional forms. For many years I have had a fascination with Stone Age, Iron Age and British-Romano pottery, mainly in terms of form but also in terms of decoration and surface treatment. This has influenced the forms and shapes of my pottery to a large degree, particularly the Neolithic beaker pottery of Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe, but translated into larger and finer forms. I mostly work with stoneware clay making functional forms that people can use every day, but I love to make very large “coil-and-throw” urns, influenced by ancient forms but updated with interesting glazed surfaces and British and Irish Celtic style decoration (which was not traditionally executed on pottery, mostly metal and stone). I have recently ventured into using porcelain and have embarked on a series of work which I have called “Neo-Neolithic”. The forms have drawn heavily on Neolithic beakers, but these are more refined and delicate, made from very fine wheel thrown and high-fired Southern Ice porcelain, with water-eroded decoration, as opposed to the Neolithic vessels which were made from gritty earthenware clay which was rudely fired and decorated with incised and impressed texture.

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