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Keith Buck in memory of

Keith Buck was born and bred in Perth. He had a passion for woodwork, and for many years it was an ‘on the side hobby’ while he worked his day job. From small beginnings, working mainly with Jarrah in the home garage, as Keith’s skills and passions grew so did his work area – he eventually ended up with his own space in a private workshop. It was this space that allowed him to venture into the world of recycled timber.

One of his great loves was going on a treasure hunt at a local salvage yard to not only find some pre loved floorboards or skirting board; but also pressed tin, rusty galvanised iron or some old railway nuts and bolts that he could incorporate into his pieces. It was his eye for the ‘different’ that made his boxes, frames and stands so unique and genuinely one of a kind. Keith saw possibilities in materials that others rejected because they weren’t perfect or brand new.

Reinventing old materials into beautiful new pieces is what brought about the name, 2nd Time Around, which is what he sold his pieces under at the Artisan Store. 

Sadly, Keith passed away in April 2017. His pieces are testament to his passion and skill for turning old into new, and will be treasured by all who are lucky enough to have a piece of 2nd Time Around in their homes.

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