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Kathy Ryan

I have always had an interest in art and the creative process having done classes in drawing, painting, design and ceramics at school and TAFE many years ago….
About 10 years ago I saw a collagraph print by local artist Shana James that had an amazing textural quality and depth that I had not seen before. Shana was running a course in collagraph printmaking at Fremantle Art Centre (FAC) so I signed up.
I then went on to sell my prints through a friend’s gift shop in Duncraig for a few years.
FAC has such an inspiring atmosphere and I loved the class so much I have been back to venture into linocut and dry point printing. I have enjoyed discovering the variations in line and tone available in each print style and the diversity of work produced by other students has been endlessly fascinating.
I never know where inspiration will come from next but it is always fun to find a new way of creating images through print making …..

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