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Jo McCubbing

I have been creative all my life.
I am a self- taught artist currently living in the small wheat belt town of Kondinin.
I grew up in the south west on a farm out of Nannup.
My carefree childhood was full of nature, plants, animals and imaginative play.
I often immersed myself in crafting pursuits and used what I could find as materials. I also loved painting and had my own basic water colour set from an early age.
Today, I still love painting and draw inspiration from the nature and landscapes where I live and travel.
In late 2017, after calling it quits with teaching, I decided to start a business using my designs on fabrics. Initially it was cushions, but I have now developed a brand of silk scarves and resort wear under the name Spinel by Jo Mc Designs.
Why Spinel? I chose Spinel for two reasons.
1. It is one of my birth stones.
2. It comes in a range of vibrant colours.
3. It reportedly has healing properties.
My artwork is vibrant and transcends onto fabric through digital printing in a unique, bold style.
When you buy from Spinel you are getting a truly individual design.
My garments are not produced ‘en masse’ and I am conscious of the environmental foot print from fashion and I am therefore now choosing to use natural fibres.
Silk is the least ‘dirty’ fibre to produce and process and will absolutely break down if not cared for.
I am not joining the ‘fast fashion’ cycle of buy- use – throw away. I’d like to think of my garments being a treasured keep sake item for many years to come.
My scarves and kaftans are made in Western Australia.
Art is my new journey which has redefined my identity.
It has given me renewed purpose, friendships, soul food, positive mental health and continued learning.
My brand represents : courage, vibrancy, individuality and sophistication.

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