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Jackie Peach

I was born in Geraldton, moving to Cottesloe as a very young child and spent my childhood literally growing up on the beach. It was an absolute treasure trove of discovery with the abundant ocean, the rock pools, the ever-changing seasons and the beautiful colours.

My dream was to become a commercial artist but upon leaving school I was sent off to Underwoods Business College to ensure I had a ‘sensible’ career. Following completion of the year, I worked at UWA Speech and Music Department for a year but found it unrewarding. I then set off on a ten-year sojourn of travel around Australia, New Zealand, the Mediterranean, Israel, Ireland, UK and Europe. I landed back in WA to the Gascoyne region where I spent six months prospecting for gold and then lay roots in Dampier where I lived for the next seven years.

Throughout that time I was always searching, however, never quite sure what it was I was looking for. Following on from my childhood dream, over the years I undertook multiple courses in drawing, water-colour painting, silk painting, textiles and even a full year of design at TAFE. I fully embraced each and every course and absolutely loved the solace I gained from getting in touch with my creative side, however, by this stage there was a mortgage, a wonderful family and every day life helped me to decide to put my dreams on hold.

Around ten years ago after six months of reflection, I made the decision that it was definitely time to go back to basics of who and what I am –an artist. As my childhood dreams and aspirations had not changed but had only become stronger, I commenced painting classes and devoted my time to developing my own unique style. I found myself spending hours in my spare time at home painting. Mostly with oils but acrylics also, I literally discovered my soul’s calling and found I didn’t want to do anything else. At last I had found my niche.

Painting to me is a meditation; I can begin a new painting first thing in the morning and the next time I look at the clock its 3 p.m. One aspect I love about my style is that quite a few of my paintings have hidden images within them and its fun to stand back and discover how it’s evolving. The creative process for me is very spiritual and because of this rewarding and fulfilling. All of my pieces are immensely personal and reflect back to very significant times throughout my life.

When I’m too busy to start a new project I find my mind wandering through colours, shapes and subjects and always have a painting waiting to emerge. As my style develops and evolves, the journey of discovering new techniques spurs me on to explore, experiment and attempt new approaches to enhance my work.

Jackie Peach

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