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Irene Alberts

Irene Alberts – Precious Metal Clay Artist

Desiring to inspire aspiring artists in any form of creativity, Irene started Creator’s Corner, a business through which she teaches different forms of arts and crafts.

Most of all, Irene enjoys working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC). In 2006 she started making jewellery from Precious Metal Clay and has since partnered with Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation to provide the best workshop experience with PMC.

Over the past few years, Irene has taught students from the Home School system as well as private (mostly adult) students, exploring a range of things from jewellery making to various forms of manual arts. From 2017 to 2020, she has been a specialist teacher in Jewellery Making at Providence Christian College.

Other art forms include Pewter Repoussé, Polymer Clay, Mosaic, Fused Glass, Stainless Steel and Beaded Jewellery. Irene also does designs for Laser Cutting. Some examples are seen in her jewellery as well as the handmade jewellery boxes used as packaging for her jewellery.

Irene participated in the Peel Open Studios event that was held in May 2018 where she set up her pop-up studio at the Forest Discovery Centre in Dwellingup.

Centres where she occasionally facilitates workshops are The Forest Discovery Centre in Dwellingup as well as the Edenvale Homestead in Pinjarra.

Irene is also currently one of the exhibiting artists at Aspects of Kings Park.


Artist Statement – Precious Metal Clay

In my work I try to capture the often-overlooked beauty of our natural environment in wearable pieces that show off the organised randomness of Creation. The plant imprints and moulded plant material reflect nature in its purest form in fine silver against a “not so perfect” background. In some pieces 24K gold plating or patina is used to enhance the embellishments.

Like the organic nature of the natural world, my pieces do not have a perfectly smooth jewellery store finish.

Apart from the 999 (fine silver) stamp, I do not use a name or brand stamp at the back of each piece – instead my fingerprints are visible on most pieces. This is my signature of authenticity and joy that I pass on to the owner of each piece.

Each piece is packaged in a handmade craft wood box to further enhance the organic nature of the piece.


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