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Dionisia Buck

I have been dabbling in textiles from an early age. I grew up in the 1950s when girls started sewing at the age of six at school. I still have my original piece of embroidery of a lady in a crinoline dress with an umbrella standing under a rose arbour.
I come from a Greek background and both sides of my family past and present have creativity running through their veins. My father’s family were, and still are, well known Silversmiths in Greece. My mother’s grandfather was also a well known potter. I have fond memories of my maternal Yaya sitting beside the old Metters stove using a hand held spindle, spinning wool which she would then turn into beautiful Aran jumpers for the local fisherman in Bunbury and my Papou who would whittle wood into articulated puppets for us grandchildren. Unfortunately I never met my paternal grandparents, but I have been to our family island in Greece many times and have slept in linen nightgowns that my great grandmother had made from scratch and snuggled up in colourful bedspreads which she had woven on the old loom that was shared between neighbours.
I studied to be a Business Education teacher in the seventies; however the Art Department was directly upstairs and I spent most of the three years studying leather work, silversmithing, pottery and everything thing else ‘arty’ in between! Much more interesting than business studies. I can’t live without colour in my life. I am attracted to exotic fabrics and turning it into quirky fashion pieces.
I am mindful of my carbon footprint and recycle and repurpose clothing that I find in op shops and I try to buy Fair Trade fabric where possible. Sometimes I question my own capabilities and then I remember the words of one of my Art Lecturers at Teachers’ College who used to say that if you can put whatever you have made onto a window sill and it looks good, it is a work of Art!

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