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Cindy Wright

Handmade Glass Beadso

More than an art piece!  

Endless hours of experimentation as well as moments of frustration & pure joy! 

You’re investing in a piece of my heart, my soul, my passion….

 What attracted me to glass bead making was the wealth of colors and translucency of the glass and the beauty created by combining them. The thrilling qualities of the material and its surprising capabilities becomes research. The beads produced are testimony to a magical discovery in technique, form and colour and the excitement is new each time I work behind the flame.

It’s fascinating how nature’s purest and basic raw materials can transform in such a variety of ways by the creative process. Glass is charged with fascinating material paradoxes like: fragility, solidity, liquidity, transparency, translucency & opacity.

The end result being unique, one of a kind, tangible treasures!

My background has been mixed media art until a few years ago when I stumbled upon the world of lampworking and have since indulged myself fully into this enchanted warren of never ending discoveries. I work with soda-lime and borosilicate glass all of which is kiln annealed giving the glass strength and durability.

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Showing 1–12 of 47 results