Cindy Wright

My glass art practice started three years ago after a trip to Seattle which ignited all my creative juices especially after being up close and personal with Chihuly’s work. On my return to WA I immersed myself in the world of everything glass and taught myself everything from scratch. My painting studio was soon repurposed to a glass studio and the rest is history! Every bead I turn out comes from my passion filled heart and of course a touch of Murano….

The hand-crafted beads I create are shaped and decorated in an 800°C flame, then annealed for 24 hours to ensure the glass remains stable.

The beads are then used to make jewellery and to enhance high quality 305 stainless steel cutlers to look pretty on the cheese board and dinner table.

My pieces are practical and fun! I hope you love them as much as I enjoy the process of making them!

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