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Boyd Parry

I was born in Kalgoorlie and grew up with a strong connection to the desert landscape. I began painting some years ago and I regularly enter paintings in metropolitan exhibitions. I also had a solo exhibition at a gallery in Broome where my work in watercolour, pastels, oil and pen and ink was on show. I am still strongly driven to develop my painting style and I regularly workshop my technique with well-known local artists.

Silver has always fascinated me as a decorative precious metal, and I recently extended my studio to set up a silversmith workshop. I experiment with design and produce silver jewellery and contemporary silversmithed hollow forms such as bowls.

I have also begun working with porcelain clay and wood, and I hope to combine all three mediums into contemporary pieces.

Every piece is original, from design to production, and while some may be similar, they are truly individual items.

 My enjoyment comes from the creativity of design and in honing my technical skills. Equally important to me is the hope that the buyer will get the same amount of pleasure from owning a simple yet unique item of handcrafted jewellery or decorative object.

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