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Bob Mackie

One of my earliest childhood memories was playing knee deep in wood shavings in my grandfather’s woodwork shop. The smell of the beautiful timbers and the silky smoothness of the finished art pieces have stuck with me and are part of my DNA.

I broke from the long lineage of family woodcraftsmen to pursue a career in Aircraft Engineering. Having returned to my passion of creating beautiful art from wood, I am able to combine the graceful design elements of flight within my art pieces.  I enjoy applying different textures to provide an additional dimension and interest to my work. Each piece I create spurs me on to explore different techniques and textures.

The timbers used all have their own history, from the arid timbers of fallen trees in the semi desert regions of Western Australia, with their dense beautiful grain structure and colours, to timbers from demolished period buildings of Western Australia, whose aged beauty and character of grain has been hidden for decades.

These timbers have been given a new life to be enjoyed, gracing the homes of future generations as an objet d’art, conversation piece and or have a practical use.

Each signed piece of art is unique, has its own history, its own serial number and its certificate of origin.

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