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Annette Cogdon - In memory

Missy Moo’s Art and Design – I love to design and create art pieces using various types of mixed media. I am especially into recycling and often rescuing something from someone’s trash to turn it into a one off beautiful piece. I currently have a range of outside garden sculptures which are weatherproof and are made from recycled materials including cloth. Yes, they are weatherproof! In fact they can be made totally waterproof so they can sit in ponds.

There will be new series released during the year. I am just starting on the first series of bird sculptures and a mystical range of sculptures for the garden of dragons, fairies and other bottom of the garden creatures. The fairy sculptures have been particularly popular as pet grave markers.

My art is not limited to just the outside, although sculpturing is my passion, This year I will branching out and will have various pieces for inside the home including wall art as well as wearable items.


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