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Anne Gee

My art evolves from a strong connection to the earth, the rhythms of the oceans, the beauty of the Australian landscape and my own imaginings.

My childhood days unfolded in the West Australian country seaside town of Albany.
My dad drew with my sister and me and took us on drawing trips on the weekend and out collecting beetles, insects and butterflies which we classified, set and displayed.

I remember rescuing a possum that had broken its leg (my dad was a vet) and we fed it with a small dripper for weeks as it gained strength and finally we let it go in the bush (I remember it looking back at us just before it scurried off to freedom, strong again).

My mother enriched me with her beautiful sense of aesthetics. She could find beauty in just about anything. She has a strong affinity with sea and the ocean, her mother lived in a lighthouse as a young child, with her father, a harbour master.

I grew up listening to my mother’s Don McLean and Cat Stephens homemade tapes and have vivid memories of the Vincent ode ‘starry, starry night’ drifting through our house.

I was enchanted by the illustrations of May Gibbs and Beatrix Potter as a young child. I spent hours pouring through my parents National Geographic magazines and the breath-taking photographs. I remember a wary fascination for Salvador Dali’s works.

I’ve always loved to paint, draw and arrange momentary sculptures. My latest fascination involves paper cut art, maps, paper sculpture and the use of vintage books, vintage papers and characters in my work. 


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