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Andrea Isaac


I am a German born jewellery designer and maker currently living in the South West of WA on a bush property near Margaret River.
In 1993 I graduated with distinction from Curtin University of Technology in Perth with a BA in “Jewellery & 3D Design”.
I was the winner of the Student Encouragement award in 1992 as part of the “City of Perth Craft Award “and in 1996 won the “Open Award of Excellence” in the same Award.
Me and 4 other designers received an “Arts Venture Capital” Grant from the Department of the Arts as well as the “New Work” Grant from the Australia Council to develop, market and promote work as part of the collective “AEON Design Studio” . I was one of the founding members of this collective formed for the purpose of designing, marketing and promoting unique Australian high quality jewellery and gifts. My designs were a range of anodised Aluminium platters, one of which is part of the Art Gallery of WA collection.
In 1996 I was selected as one of the designer for the “Premiers Gift Commissioning Project”, where she was commissioned and produced two designs.
I have exhibited and shown her work both locally as well as internationally and has worked as a artist/jewellery designer/jeweller in various studio set ups on both individual as well as collaborative projects, enjoying sharing skills, ideas, resources and knowledge with likeminded people. I have also worked in art/craft/jewellery sales and related trade positions over many years.
“Jewellery making has been my passion for many years starting with my childhood fascination of my grandfather’s collections and tools from his costume jewellery business in Bohemia in the 1930’s right through my own development as an artist/ jeweller over the last 20 years.
I draw my inspiration from both my environment and the materials I use. The light, colours and shapes of nature, the properties of the different metals, and the unique qualities of each gemstone all influence the design, which then further evolves through the process of making.
My style often blends the simplicity of clean uncluttered lines, simple organic shapes, a sense of asymmetry or unexpected and a few traditional elements with uncomplicated forms that complement or contrast each other. Simple is better….less is more.
I enjoy exploring textures and “maker’s marks” left from the process of silver smithing. The actual process of making, learning and refining new techniques or exploring old traditional ways of this ancient craft is intriguing in itself and often leads to new directions or a different slant.
I am interested in the contrast and the tension of the organic, natural free forms versus the designed, trying to marry the two into unique contemporary and classic pieces that offer versatility and often have an element of playfulness .
Living in the Southwest of WA, we are very fortunate to be able to experience and observe changes in nature all day every day. The West Australian native bush has a very unique flora and fauna and the beautiful and dramatic shapes and colours of WA coastlines inspire me to explore and interpret them over and over again. This has prompted me to include colour into my work using gemstones. The colours and the clarity of light are reflected in the brilliance, sparkle and uniqueness of the precious and semi-precious stones I love to use.
Hopefully all this results in pieces that will also compliment the wearer and gives them as much joy and a sense of being special as it gives me pleasure to see the pieces chosen, given and worn.


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