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Amanda Forward

My objective is to experience and develop a deep relationship with the creative mind, to learn and find connection… whether through thought or action during the process.
From expression to growth, how this process can be in direct correlation with the final impression of the viewer!
Comparable to a song, how your experience finds connection and further conditions your mind to adhere to reality… to truth. Sometimes quite conceptual, the work reflects symbolic form embodied in a contemporary landscape.
My absolute muse, with a few exceptions, is the environment around me, the natural world and philosophy, of which carry stories and experiences to the studio. With a perpetual passion for adventure and knowledge, I draw inspiration quite easily with enough left over for sculpture, mix media and song writing. Language use inspired by some of the most renowned revolutionaries, the exalted Salvador Dali and Egon Schiele, influence concept and form, whilst Norwegian artist Henrik Uldalen created the moody monster in my earlier works, dreamlike and soft, yet heavy and thick, I absolutely adore the layers of oil paint and emotion.
I love community, I am driven to use art to create space for dialogue and discussion, to share beauty and joy as well as highlighting the notion that tragic experience and expression can bring humanity closer. Positivity can come from all aspects of art. Art is all of us. Art is everything.

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