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Personal style and jewellery we wear

Today our special guest Ekaterina Fedyakova, stylist of Nadetsegodnya, shares with us a few tips about matching a personal style and jewellery we wear:

Sometimes we buy accessories that we love but never wear. Why, for all sorts of reasons, maybe we don’t normally wear jewels or have we feel we need a special occasion to out the precious gems or pearls or we just don’t know how to wear our precious objects. Maybe the jewellery style just doesn`t match your personal style.
So, where to start, let’s take a look in the mirror and find out who you are.

Are you Dramatic?

This kind of woman has a memorable appearance. Their faces are not symmetrically ideal, with bigger lips or noses. If you look at her and can imagine a crown on her head – that`s Drama! 
What kind of jewellery should they wear?
Big and bright, the ones that really stand out! Cocktail rings, chandelier earrings, multiple necklaces. Asymmetrical theme is perfect for the Dramatic style.

Maybe you fit more into the Naïve romantic style.

This style looks young and cute at any age, with round wide open eyes, small noses and bow lips. You can easily imagine a balloon in her hands. 
Jewellery for this type is not necessarily childish like Barbie accessories or Hello Kitty earrings (still why not), but they look a bit like candies: like pastel colors and prints in “kids’ draws” style. They always look tiny and make you smile.


The other romantic style is sophisticated. This style is hard to describe, so is the appearance of its owners. There is always some mystery in their eyes. If you think autumn, Galadriel or Pride and Prejudice characters –u are looking at the sophisticated romantic lady.
Jewellery for this style is complicated, lines are smooth, forms are flowing. This accessories could be appropriate at a ball in the 19th century. Metals and stones look noble and old.

If you look at a person and can easily imagine her being a scientist or a professor –at`s classy style. Their faces are almost ideal, with right proportions but it`s a bit hard to read their emotions.
Jewellery of this style are traditional, minimalistic, classy and elegant. Silver and pearls, one piece at a time. Their colours are city- grey, deep blue, bottle glass. Lines are clean, simple and clear.

Our last style is Natural, the “girll next door” look. Close to nature and naturally beauty. This type of appearance has soft lines and clear features. Accessories naturally follow, untreated and uncut stones, wood, fresh water pearls of natural shapes. All sorts of authentic traditional prints and jewels also belong to natural style.

Nothing is ever that simple though, not everyone has one clear identifiable style. Typically we combine two or even three styles. So we can mix & match accessories of different styles and feel free to experiment. Sometimes it’s just all about what you love.

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