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How to Clean an Oil Painting

You may be in the fortunate situation of finding an interesting looking oil painting in an Op Shop, at a Garage Sale, or in Grandma’s shed. Or in the unfortunate position of having your favourite painting being damaged by unwelcome splashes.

Over the years paintings, like everything else, accumulates dirt, dust and grime, and to see the true beauty of the painting this dirt needs to be removed.

Don’t reach for the scouring pad!!! There is a much safer and easier option; just pull out some of the soft white inner part of some cheap white bread

 and shape it into a ball. 

Then lightly dab the bread ball onto the painting surface. This requires a light touch, so as not to disturb the paint, however the bread has just the right amount of stickiness to grab the dust and grime particles. 

At least you will be able to see the painting more clearly, and then will be able to ascertain if it is worth getting professionally restored.

This cleaning method is not suitable for watercolours, pastels, charcoal or pencil artworks.

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