Aran Knitting by Sandra Royer of Sandra Royer Knits

10th August 2018

Aran Knitting

by Sandra Royer of Sandra Royer Knits

My preferred style of knitting is the Aran style which originated in the small fishing villages on the many islands and coastal communities along the Irish coast.

Aran Knitting by Sandra Royer of Sandra Royer KnitsEach community had it’s own distinctive style but the common theme was to produce practical working garments for fishermen, the patterning is worked closely and the technique of creating cables and ropes symbolises the ropes and fishing nets in the knitters surroundings, resulting in a textured fabric which provides extra thickness for warmth.

The wool that they used was a tough worsted wool yarn and was knitted on fine needles to create the close knitted texture.
Many communities and individuals created their own unique patterns, so that a fisherman’s home port could be identified by his garment. However over time many of the patterns became diffused by the interaction of fishermen and their wives who would often meet and exchange their patterns and knitting techniques.

My designs focus on the decorative and beauty of the patterns rather than the practicality, living in a warm climate eliminates the need for the thickness and warmth but I like to keep the tradition alive.