Jarrah Lady Lily Salt or Pepper Grinder


Jarrah Lady Lily Salt or Pepper Grinder Mill by Bob Mackie.

Inspired by the Arum Lily.

Approx 40 cm high.

Timber: Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata).

Comes with Authenticity Certificate

Jarrah Lady Lily Salt or Pepper Grinder Mill by Bob Mackie.

Lady Lily Design was inspired by the beautiful weed, the Arum Lily, the first creation was shown to a friend who declared “it looks just like a lady mannequin from a fashion store”, hence the name Lady lily a combination of both.

The Junior Lady Lily was born from a customer having difficulty fitting the traditional design on her kitchen shelf, there just wasn’t enough room in her kitchen, hence junior was born!

Arum Lily.
A beautiful weed, A widespread conspicuous Declared Plant primarily found in wet, swampy habitats. Arum Lilies form dense clumps along streams and can restrict water flow and displace native vegetation. These lilies were originally introduced from South Africa for horticulture purposes. Arum Lilies are Declared Plants in Western Australia and all movement is prohibited.

Approx 40 cm high.
Grinder mechanism is Crushgrind which is made in high-tech ceramic that is extremely durable. Crushgrind is a Denmark EU brand. Fully adjustable from coarse to fine particles.
Easy to clean.

Timber: Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata).

Origin of Timber: Grown in the South West Region of WA.

The Belhus Bridge (number 915), over the Ellen Brook on West Swan Road was first built using Jarrah timber and convict labour in 1850 as a foot bridge. The bridge was rebuilt in 1988 to carry motor vehicles and in 2018 the Shire of Swan carried our a major upgrade replacing all the Jarrah timber pylons and beams with steel. The Jarrah was salvaged and has now been given a new life to grace the homes of generations to come.

Grinder mechanism is “Crushgrind” from Denmark was developed from years of research on leading brands of pepper grinders including the originator of the traditional mill from Peugeot.

The aim was to move grinding to a new level to avoid the limitations of the traditional mill.   Based on the principles of the mortar and Pestle, CrushGrind was developed to be more than just a pepper mill, it established a revolution of pepper mills enabling consumers to grind all sorts of dried herbs and spices, allowing the release of essential oils from spices, deriving full aroma and flavours. In addition created a new and better way to fill and adjust the grind size.

Bob Mackie installs the Crushgrind mechanism in all his beautifully handcrafted and unique grinders to ensure, ease of use, longevity and provides a 25 year guarantee.

Comes with Authenticity Certificate

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