Sterling Silver Hair Comb


Sterling silver and Cygnet Bay pearl hair comb.

This item can be ordered, with varying comb lengths and in a 3 prong option.

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Sterling Silver Hair Comb by Boyd Parry.

Sterling silver and Cygnet Bay pearl.

This Sterling Silver hand made hair comb is 10 cm long, the two prongs of the comb are each 6 cm long, and the comb is 6 cm wide at the widest part.

It is set with a 15mm diameter Mabe Pearl from Cygnet Bay, which is north of Broome on the Kimberley Coast, and one of the first sites in Australia where the famed South Sea Pearls were cultured.

The technology of Culturing pearls, rather than collecting the extremely rare natural pearls after sorting through thousands of pearl shells, was invented by the Japanese, who used the Akoya pearl to culture Pearls in Japanese waters. This very closely guarded technology was brought to Cygnet Bay by Japanese Pearlers, probably after seeing how large the native Pinctada maxima pearls grew in the warm and extremely clean waters of the Indian Ocean where it abuts the Kimberley. The huge tides in the area wash large amounts of fresh seawater over the pearlshells, and carries a very high nutrient load, contributing to the hypnotic lustre of the large pearls grown in this area. The Mabe Pearl is cultured by attaching a nucleus to the inside of the Pearl Shell, rather than within the oyster flesh, and the resulting hemispherical Pearl is cut from the shell at the end of the oyster’s life.

This is a truly stunning Hair accessory, for the discerning collector, and is very well priced at $205.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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