Sunken Treasure Rings


Sunken Treasure Rings by Felicity Peters

recycled stg silver and beautiful rough sapphires

Please note Ring sizes listed are generous due to the rough casting.

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Sunken Treasure Rings by Felicity Peters

The sunken treasure rings made from recycled stg silver and beautiful rough sapphires are inspired by the shipping wrecks along the Western Australian Coast. Everyone likes looking into rock pools, admiring the tiny shells or a sea cucumber.. What if you found a sunken treasure ring that had been lying there for many decades? What stories could the ring tell? Now you can have your own treasure. A beautiful ring with stunning sapphires made from recycled sterling silver by award winning jeweller Felicity Peters. Felicity is the only WA jeweller to have been awarded a $60,000 Creative Development Fellowship by the WA government through the Department of Culture and the Arts. Her work has been featured in over thirty books. Each ring is individually made and it is impossible to replicate them.

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