Umut Onur

I have been making ceramic sculptures since 2014. I have been introduced to ceramics by the incredible artist Asuman Inan at her studio in Istanbul. Being her student was an amazing and extraordinary experience. I fell in love with clay in her studio.
I have participated in 2 exhibitions in Istanbul and 4 of my works were exhibited. Other than ceramics I have also been interested in drawing and watercolor painting for the last 2 years.
At the end of 2018 I moved to Perth with my partner and continued with ceramics. I have been making a series of small head sculptures which you can see in the Artisan Store. They are all handmade and unique. I do not plan or design the characters before giving them life. I just take a piece of clay and start shaping it.
Ceramics is not something that you can force yourself to make. You need to wait for the right time. You need to wait for inspiration which unfortunately is sometimes busy and facing clay is annoying when inspiration is far away. But once you gain your courage and creativity to start, and with help from a little inspiration, it flows and shapes itself. It isn’t just your fingers or tools that shape the clay, but your feelings and also your existence. It liberates you. Feeling that you are liberated is amazing, almost addictive. You don’t even notice time when your hands are covered in clay.
I have a desire to try different techniques and mediums. I am currently interested in stop-motion animation. There are too many things waiting to be discovered. You can see only my head sculpture series in the Artisan Store for now. I hope you enjoy them.

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