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T'Louze Glass Artistry

Terry (Tez) and Lorraine (Lu) – inspired sisters that are
T’Louze Glass Artistry.
Unique – Quirky – Up-Cycled
We share a passion for glass, for its colour, soul and its glory.
Glass has a willingness to transform in shape and texture that continually amazes us, and we are in awe of all its magnificent kaleidoscopic colours.
We have been creating glass art work since we were introduced to the medium over 10 years ago. Glass totally captured our attention in an instance and we have never looked back. We have separate studios, Tez in Wongan Hills and Lu in Wungong, Western Australia. Even though we have separate studios we are constantly in contact with each other to collaborate on projects or to discuss current works.
We endeavour to capture the quirky to create something truly unique and special. We often enjoy incorporating our glass creations with other media  including steel and wood.
Inspiration for our art comes from our beautiful surroundings of the Western Australian bush. :-both flora and fauna.

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