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Tanya Cole

Tanya Cole is a Contemporary Artist/Portrait Painter, Art Mentor/Creativity Counsellor & OT. Originally from Perth, she has lived in Broome, South Australia and has been residing with her husband & three boys, in Dunsborough for over ten years.

Self-taught, Tanya has undertaken several group and solo exhibitions locally and her work is now part of private collections throughout Australia, Europe/UK, UAE, India, Canada & the USA. Her paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas but more recently, also rendered in oil; with her signature work consisting of bright, vibrant colour juxtaposed with deep tonal variation, layered and painterly effects within her portraits.

Tanya uses an expressive approach with paint to produce works that intuitively capture the essence and spirit of the subject. She demonstrates a passionate focus for portraying people, animals & nature; to uplift, reflect and inspire the human spirit.
Boldly experimenting with tonal variation, texture and colour to evoke various moods and emotions; her paintings open us up to feel and deeply connect consciously with our self…through opened and awakened senses.

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