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Tania Barr

Wild Cacao- Handmade Raw Chocolate was born following my introduction to Fine Chocolate working and learning in the Margaret River Region with a Fine Chocolate Company.

Of particular interest to me is Single Origin Chocolate and the original Wild Beans of the Amazon. The unique Criollo Bean variety considered rare, delicate, aromatic and lacking bitterness. These luxury beans make up only 5-10% of the world market.

I began working and experimenting with these wonderful Beans. Creating and discovered amazing flavour and adding the childhood favourites we all know and love.

I love to create and saw I had found my passion!

I use Raw, Organic Peruvian Cacao, the very finest. Our Chocolate is minimally processed to retain all the vital health benefits.

Wild Cacao Chocolates are ethically sourced, traded fairly, treated with care and lovingly handcrafted into a premium Chocolate. A wonderful alternative to confectionary style Chocolate. Please enjoy!

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