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Tamed Earth Ceramics

Kylie Tame has been dabbling in the art of ceramics since she was a child. It all began with hand building forms with clay scrounged from the banks of a creek. A child no longer, Kylie wishes to offer her work for others to enjoy.
Three years living in Japan further instilled an appreciation of the pleasure that can be gained and shared through a seemingly simple object. “I feel Japanese on the inside”, Kylie has oft been quoted.
Reveling in the beauty of imperfection, wheel thrown clay seemed an obvious choice and upon her return to the Land of Oz she has studied with some of our local greats at North Metropolitan Tafe. Participation in a couple of joint exhibitions – Sliced Earth in June 2017, and Slipstream in October 2019 – ensnared her creative spirit with the collaborative joy found in the exchanging of creative ideas.
Even a cup of tea can become an aesthetic, mindful experience thanks to the pleasure gained through the tactile delights of handmade, wheel thrown objects. This and the sense of connection with the world around us is what she hopes to embody in her work, whether it be a small cup or bowl, or more decorative piece.
Of late she has been known to harangue her offspring with the phrase “Find something that you love and do it!” Having found a love of pottery, she intends to spend more time doing precisely that.
And so Tamed Earth Ceramics begins…

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