Susan Milton

I began my journey with a passion for nature; in my early years growing up in a small fishing village in Jervis Bay influenced my life forever. I was privileged to come across brumbies in the bush, cart cicadas, lizards, fish, scorpions and any other critters I came across home, often much to my mother’s distress.
My husband has said that you love nature and nature loves you back, I hope my work reflects this love. You will find some of my hand made pieces such as the highly polished shells and birds are tactile they are meant to be caressed and make stunning and beautiful key rings; while others offer more detail, tell a story or are whimsical.
My work is composed of stirling silver, gold, pearls, semi-precious stones and gemstones. Each piece has been individually carved in wax before casting. Working with wax for me is akin to meditation, I believe I am addicted to it. The excitement recommences when my work is returned from casting, revealing the true beauty of my critters.
Each piece in my collection of designs reflects my passion and the diversity of nature. I hope that my pieces bring joy to you.

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