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Soosie Jobson

Wearable Art

Inspired by Western Australia

Made by Soosie Jobson

Soosie is an obsessive maker who resides in her studio everyday with her trusty sidekick and quality controller Delilah Cheese Head Banana Dog – a mini schnauzer who approves with a whimsical woof or disapproves with a gravelly grumble; Delilah has discerning taste.  And when both Soosie and Delilah need a pick me up they scoot off to their favourite café in Freo on their bright red Vespa for a coffee or maybe two.

No matter what medium Soosie and Delilah work in the colour palette and texture is always inspired by the amazing Western Australian environment. Memories of many camping trips inform the pieces although Delilah doesn’t like camping that much as she gets red dirt in her fur.

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