Sharn Bruere

Woolly Wombat combines all the things I love.
My Love of Wool.
My Love of Handmade.
My Love of ethically and Australian made products, with locally sourced materials.
My Love of eco-conscious, natural, earth loving products.
I am originally from New Zealand, a town planner (or lover of cities) by trade, and am OBSESSED with
wool. Soft, natural, sustainable, biodegradable, breathable, renewable, what does wool not do? AND
Australia and New Zealand make some of the best.
In a world where everything is mass-produced in off shore factories from other countries’ resources,
genuinely locally made pieces are hard to come by. This and the fact that these products may not be
ethically made with suitable conditions for factory workers, or abide to an eco-friendly lifecycle process,
makes my tummy hurt.
My woolly creations are made, by me in Perth, WA, with an earth loving conscience.
I use beautiful Australian and New Zealand wool, sometimes even sourced straight from the farm.
Slow fashion wet felting techniques are combined with NO harsh chemicals to make each piece; I literally
use just wool, pure soap and water. Each piece takes hours, if not days to complete.
My love of wool knows no bounds. I love natural wool colours in all the various shades. I, equally, like
mashing together different colour combinations to create magical results.
Lastly, my shoe styles are named after Australia’s great cities as a little nod to my city loving background.
Please say hi and chat to me about the amazingness that is wool on Instagram or facebook.
xx Sharn

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