Shabbi (Sharon) Phelps

Renowned Perth artist Sharon Phelps, more commonly known as “Shabbi”, began working with clay in the 1970s and held her first exhibition in 1981. Successful exhibitions and commissions followed, with Boans, Black Swan Gallery and ANZ bank among her long list of clients.

After taking a long break from pottery, Shabbi picked up where she left off in 2012 and extended her creativity to include acrylics on canvas. Shabbi has entered various exhibitions, successfully selling large pieces and winning awards, including the Bruce Rock Art Award in 2011 and the Fred Killick Art Award in 2015.

Shabbi has drawn the attention of art aficionados the world over, with clients in London, Ireland,

Singapore and America. Her inspiration comes from a love of colour, nature and the elements, which are reflected in both her clay pieces and paintings.

Her style leans towards abstract, which she says is more organic, taking on a life of its own. Shabbi currently lives in the Chittering Valley, Western Australia, with her husband Peter and a menagerie of birds, chooks, ducks, geese and horses.

She exhibits her work at the Chittering Estate Studio every Sunday, from 10am to 4pm. Chittering

Estate Studio is located at 1399 Keating Road, Chittering.

Phone 0487 218 922. Visit Art By Shabbi’s Facebook page or for more information on Shabbi’s work.

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