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Seahorse Silks

Having grown up in Perth, I spent many years in the Pilbara and have had some wonderful trips to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.  No matter where it is, a stunning sunset or crystal clear ocean still amazes me now, as much as it did as a child.  I thoroughly enjoy the glorious sights all over the world but I always come home thinking how lucky I am to live in Australia.  We have a huge range of colours and textures right here on our doorstep to enthuse the creative.
Seahorse Silks came about as I wanted to get a little creative myself and share the beauty around me.  Mother Nature always amazes me.  She is never boring.  Ever changing, ever surprising and never disappointing!   By printing my photographs on fabrics others are able to enjoy it too without having to be there, at that place, on that day.
Choose from silk or cashmere scarves, ladies tops and kaftans to a canvas tote bag or photo cushion.  All have been created from one of my photographs.  I choose quality fabrics and only print a limited quantity so your Seahorse Silks product really is quite unique.

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